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Based on original moulds, a replicated frame from the original blueprint, and many thousand hours of replicating the small bits and pieces it's finally here.

The Carbon Fibre 917.

The visual appearance

There are at least eleven variants of the 917. The original version from 1969 had a removable long tail/medium tail with active rear wing flaps, but had considerable handling problems at high speed because of significant rear lift. The handling problems were investigated at a joint test by the factory engineers and their new race team partners John Wyer Engineering. After exhaustive experimentation by both groups, a shorter, more upswept tail was found to give the car more aerodynamic stability at speed. The changes were quickly adopted into the 917K for Kurzheck, or "short-tail".


But even after the birth of the «K» the 917 was modified from the different teams in a huge amount of different ways.


For those of you that have investigated the different original cars you may have noticed the most visual parts like;

-Two different front corners.

-Three different front lids

-Five different rear sections

-With and without roof window


But what many do not know is that there are both a narrow and wide version of the front of the car.

The 917CFK is based on a narrow front and a wide rear 1970 John Wyer (Gulf) rear section.




Porsche 3.3 Twin Turbo.

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